DIY Silverware  Wind Chimes 

You'll probably agree that wind chimes are really cool, but these vintage silverware wind chimes are the best! Find out how to make your own!

- Vintage Silverware - Needle Nose Pliers - Metal Drill - Thin Metal Wire

Materials You'll Need:

Look for silverware that is pretty and old. Choose the most lightweight silverware you can find, or it won’t dangle so much and the sound will not be as nice.

Start by bending the tines of the fork with flat nose pliers. Bend them back and forth and then bend the outer tines left and right.

With needle nose pliers bent a little hook on the end.

Flatten the spoons with a hammer or in a workbench vise.

Assemble the wind chimes with thin wire. Adding beads is a nice way to make your wind chimes even prettier.

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