How To DIY Billy Built-in (a beginner's guide)

Make a built-in from your old Ikea Billy Bookcase. It looks great and the DIY is easy and perfect for beginners.

How To Make a Billy Bookcase Built-in

Step 1: Prepare your Billies

Assemble your Billy bookcase and as many extensions that you need to come close to the ceiling

Step 2: Cut filler pieces and crown moulding

Measure the height and width of the gaps above and next to your bookcase. Cut pieces of MDF to close the gaps.  Add crown moulding to create a finished look.

Step 3 Close the Gaps

Fill in any gaps and seams with caulk.  Don't forget to fill in the telltale holes in the sides of the bookcase too.

Step 4 Finish the Look

Adhere wallpaper to the back (optional). Prime and paint the bookcase. 

DIY Billy  Bookcase Built-In  (for beginners)

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Turning your ordinary (and old) Billy bookcase into a built-in is a relatively easy and cheap DIY project that adds a lot of style and finish to your room.

DIY Ikea Billy Built-in

A built-in bookcase is a wonderful style element that elevates any room.    With the proper preparation, it is a surprisingly easy project to do.

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